Dear Target:

You just lost another customer.

Why? Because Target's 'transgender' policy puts women and children at risk by inviting men (including cross-dressers, pedophiles, and registered sex offenders) into the ladies restrooms and fitting rooms.

To the surprise of no one, registered sex offenders and predators have already accepted Target's invitation to prey on women and girls in your stores--including a man who videoed a little girl changing her clothes while in the ladies fitting room. He had no business being in the ladies fitting room, but Target's reckless policy invited him there.

Until Target's dangerous policy is rescinded, I will encourage my friends and my social networks to also boycott Target.

Whether or not Target agrees, putting your customers at risk is not only dangerous, it is costing Target BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in business. I urge you to speak up against the reckless policy that will cost more than millions of customers--it will cost jobs.


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