I am a pro-life voter who helped put Republicans in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives last fall. I.m writing to encourage you to call for an immediate floor vote on HR 490, the Heartbeat Bill, which is already co-sponsored by more than two-thirds of the Republicans in Congress.

The Heartbeat Bill also has more public support than any other pro-life bill. According to a 2017 George Barna poll, 69% of Americans support the Heartbeat Bill.most of them strongly. The bill has support from the vast majority of Republicans (86%) and Independents (61%). Even 55% of Democrats believe 'If a doctor is able to detect a heartbeat of an unborn baby, that baby should be legally protected.'

Most importantly, it will protect every unborn child whose beating heart can be detected. According to the father of the pro-life movement, the late Dr. John Willke, the Heartbeat Bill will protect 90-95% of the babies who would otherwise be aborted.

As Dr. Willke stated, 'When I founded the pro-life movement, it wasn't to regulate how abortions would be done, it was to bring the abortion killing to an END. We have waited too long and that wait has cost us too much.'

After 44 years, an 'incremental approach' has left us with a body count of nearly 60 million. We are a far cry from success when nearly a million abortions are still being committed each year. But in order to achieve a different result, we must do something different. The Heartbeat Bill is different.

Simply put, the Heartbeat Bill ensures that 'if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.' To deny the child's beating heart is to deny science. To ignore it is heartless.

Even the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals declared that heartbeat is a more 'consistent and certain' indicator of life than 'viability,' the arbitrary standard the U.S. Supreme Court currently uses to allow legal protection of children in the womb.

While we respect all pro-life efforts, after four decades, it's time to achieve the goal for which we have marched, prayed, and voted. With a Republican House, Senate, White House, and new Supreme Court being ushered in, we can protect every child whose beating heart can be heard.

We urgently and respectfully request that you call for an immediate floor vote of HR 490, the Heartbeat Bill. It is supported by two-thirds of the Republican members of Congress, seven out of ten Americans, and millions of pro-life voters who will be greatly encouraged by its passage prior to the midterm elections.


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