• Enemies Within - CD

March 18, 2017 - Speaker Trevor Loudon

Communism is an ideology with a lot of history and a word with many connotations. For some who hear the word ‘Communism’, it might bring to mind villains in a movie. Some might think of dictators in third world countries or Chinese soldiers marching in perfect unison under a red flag.  What most of us don’t think of when we hear, “Communism,” is some of our nation’s very own senators and congressmen.

Trevor Loudon is trying to change that. In his 2016 documentary, “The Enemies Within,” Loudon laid out the evidence for the unbelievable influence that communist ideology still has in the world today, starting with many of our own elected officials who have concerning ties to unashamedly Communist organizations and stretching back into the colleges and universities that trained them.

Now, fresh from his presentation at CPAC, Loudon will present some of what he’s learned after studying for over 30 years about the forces undermining freedom.

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Enemies Within - CD

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